The Nerdist YouTube Channel goes LIVE!

If you’re a fan of Chris Hardwick, or a listener to his Nerdist podcast, then you might be aware that today’s date, April 2, 2012 was a date looming for Chris and his fans alike, as it’s the date that the new Nerdist YouTube Channel officially goes live!  Hardwick himself is a mastermind and connoisseur of all things nerdy and geeky in today’s society, helping make the way for being a nerd cool and trendy.  Hardwick’s embracing of his subculture and flying his Nerdist flag proud, has been an inspiration and motivation for many, including myself, as without Nerdist, I’m not sure Geekasms would be here.  As with any entrepreneur, Hardwick has taken his Nerdist brand and expanded it, into, as his website calls it; “a many headed beast.”  The newest head to this beast is the new Nerdist YouTube Channel, which will be featuring numerous original shows, geared to the same fans that enjoy his podcast and comedy, and as Hardwick himself says: “We program stuff we love.”  The number of shows that will be eventually shown on the new channel seems to be ever-growing, so I won’t put a number to it, but to maintain some control, and not overflow and overwhelm everyone, the shows will be released in cycles, similar to how channels space out their programing throughout a year.  The first cycle of shows and their schedule is as follows:

MONDAYS: All Star Celebrity Bowling
TUESDAYS: Alternating every other week between Face to Face w/ “Weird Al” Yankovic and The Indoor Kids
WEDNESDAYS: Comic Book Club
THURSDAYS: Ain’t It Cool w/ Harry Knowles
FRIDAYS: Weird S#!t From Japan and classic Kids In The Hall episodes.

You can view a video, which is basically a trailer for all the things the Nerdist Channel is striving to be (and will no doubt succeed) below, along with a Welcome message from Hardwick himself, which you can view here, on his Nerdist website.

While I’ve never been a huge YouTube person, and have only subscribed to a few things, the Nerdist Channel is a no brainer, and something I am definitely looking forward to.  Every single show listed above I’m excited to see.  The All Star Celebrity Bowling is up today, and is definitely worth checking out.  You might think; well it will probably contain profanities and include the word bowling, however let me reassure you that it’s pretty damn cool!  So do yourself a favor, go check out the Nerdist Channel, if you haven’t listened to the Nerdist podcast, jump on that!  If you even remotely enjoy Geekasms, and I know some of you do, then check out Nerdist, as it’s a much more professional, polished version of anything I’ll ever hope to achieve. (But please continue to come back here.)

Additional Note – Nerdist2KY

Along with the Nerdist Channel launching today, in an unrelated, but rather somewhat convenient turn of events, I’ve started the Nerdist to Kentucky movement.  Hardwick, when he’s not slowly taking over the world, travels the country doing a thing called a comedy show (it’s where people go to laugh) and sometimes brings along his podcast companions Jonah Ray and Matt Mira.  I have decided that it is my goal in life (for the year 2012) to get him into the state lines of our fair commonwealth for a show.  I have absolutely no doubt he has the fan base to support him coming, so it’s up to us to convince him.  I, along with others such as the guys from Those People & Him will be using the Hashtag #Nerdist2KY on Twitter.  It’s the first small step in the ultimate goal of having the Nerdist in Kentucky.  So help us, won’t you?