10 things we miss most from the 80s

The era of 80s was one of the most memorable and lasting from the 20th Century. Whether you’re looking back with adoring nostalgia or an ironically raised eyebrow, 80’s fashion, music, games, films and even hair keep coming back again and again in popular culture.

There are some things that are better off staying in the past, but some we truly miss. Here are 10 of the greatest things we miss from the 80s that need bringing back!


While Madge may still be with us, she’ll never reach the peak she enjoyed in the 80s. Amazing fashion, controversial music videos, on-screen sexuality and a hell of a voice made her the true queen of the decade.

Arcade games

Pac-Man defined an era and, along with his friends Donkey Kong and Frogger, deprived us of our pocket money week in, week out. The arcade games weren’t the only great entertainment of the 80s though…

Nintendo Entertainment System

You had to blow into the cartridges to make them work, but nothing brought you quite as much joy as your NES. The range of games for the time was brilliant and Nintendo even brought us the Gameboy, the greatest handheld to have ever hit the market.

The Walkman

We might now be glued to our mp3 players but the Sony Walkman was revolutionary in its time. Being able to listen to your favourite Duran Duran cassette while on the bus? Mind blowing!

The Young Ones

Comedy has never been quite as shocking as it was in the 80s, and the fantastically funny The Young Ones has stood the test of comedy time. The group of actors involved will always be comedy legends in our eyes.


From 1983 to 1992, the Golf GTI MK2 was an idol in the car world, ranking amongst Lamborghini and Ferrari as one of the best cars of the decade.

Rubik’s Cube

If there’s one small object that defines the decade, the Rubik’s Cube is that colourful, frustrating object. Adults and children alike were hooked, and once you’d figured out how to do it, you were the king of the playground.

NOW That’s What I Call Music!

NOW might still be producing music compilations of the biggest songs on the charts, but they’re nothing compared to the early editions. Where else could you find Paul McCartney and the Ghostbusters soundtrack in the same collection?

Cabbage Patch Kids

Kids today prefer their dolls to be completely interactive, but the soft bodies and rock hard heads of the Cabbage Patch Kids were enough to keep 80s children happy for hours.

Scratch n’ Sniff stickers

A combination of disgusting and fascinating, the scratch n’ sniff stickers were something that no child could avoid. Having one of those stickers shoved under your nose defined the smells of the 80s, whether you liked it or not.

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