Pop! Masters of the Universe figure set review

About a week ago I heard about Funko releasing a Pop! Masters of the Universe series and immediately went out and pre-ordered them.  They weren’t due in stock until the middle of June, but surprise, surprise, they showed up on my doorstep several weeks early!  Unfortunately, it had been raining all day and the box was totally saturated by the time I got home.  The boxes inside survived for the most part and the figures were protected by plastic, but still a little bit of a bummer.  So, what do I think of them?  For that answer let’s take a look at each one:


First up is Prince Adam’s alter ego, He-Man the most powerful man in the universe!

He-Man is pretty much pure Funko Pop! style.  If you don’t like the big head and shark eyes by now, then you never will.  I think they have a good balance between cute and awesome.  One major problem that I have had with Funko Pop! figures is in the paint.  Blotches and smudges show up over and over again and He-Man is no exception.  The body is painted great, but the face has several blotches across it and totally surrounding one eye.  For this to show up so often I can’t help, but think it is a production issue that I really wish they would fix.  The paint issue aside, the figure is great.  I love the detail and having the power sword and the scabbard included was a great touch.


She-Ra Princess of Power!

Out of all the figures in this line, I was most excited about She-Ra.  I’ve always liked the character and there just hasn’t been enough She-Ra merchandise released over the years.  However, with great expectations sometimes comes great disappointment.  This one is definitely a disappointment.  Where to begin?  How about my biggest complaint…..the size.  Pop! figures have always had a certain design and it didn’t matter if they were male or female, they were basically the same.  With She-Ra they changed that and went with a smaller more feminine design.  Honestly, I hate it.  She stands out like a sore thumb.  I put her beside Wonder Woman just for comparison and that is when I noticed just how big her head was.  I thought it was just because of the smaller body, but She-Ra is carrying a huge melon.  In fact, she is so unstable that the way she is holding her sword is the only reason she doesn’t topple over.  It’s a power sword cane.  To make it all even worse, the paint on this figure is horrible.  Extra paint from the sword is all over her hand and her dress is covered in splotches.  The color for her hair is also weird.  It’s almost flourescent.


Skeletor and Hordak

What is not to love about these two figures?  Skeletor’s color is perfect and I love the Havoc Staff.  My only complaint is the red eyes.  Skeletor should just have two black holes and this figure would have been perfect.  I noticed no painting issues and thought the colors were exactly as they should be.

Hordak turned out to be my favorite of the bunch.  They nailed the design and colors.  The red eyes are as right for Hordak as they are wrong for Skeletor.  The design on his outfit with the bones and bat wings down to his red teeth and crazy feet are wonderful.  It amazes me that a figure with this much detail can be perfect, but then they screw up He-Man and She-Ra so bad with paint issues.



I still have no idea why Spikor is included with this set.  There are soooooo many more options that make better sense, but for whatever reason here he is.  The only reason I even got this figure was so that I had the complete set, but I actually like it quite a bit.  They did a really good job on the design and I give them kudos for having spikes all over him.  With the purple color and yellow eyes, he really stands out on my shelf with the rest of my Pop! figures.


I was bubbling over with geek ecstasy when I saw that Funko was releasing these figures and am still very happy that they actually happened.  With the exception of Spikor, I cannot find any fault in their selection of this, hopefully, first wave.  Just thinking about future versions of Man-At-Arms, Beast Man, Sorceress, Teela, Evil-Lyn, Mer-Man and so on is almost too much for me to handle.

I’m sad that the paint issues continue and really detract from the two main characters in this line.  I know that not everyone is going to have the same issues with paint, but this is something that Funko really has to fix.  I’m also totally disappointed with She-Ra on almost every level.  I hope they discard this new female design and stick with what they have done in the past.  For fans of Masters of the Universe, I really do recommend this set.  Just keep in mind that paint issues are present and She-Ra is a complete disaster.