James Bond: No Longer Shaken or Stirred

Is nothing in TV or film sacred anymore?  Thanks to a $45 million dollar payout, 007 is ditching his vodka martinis for a Heineken!!

There have been many famous examples of product placements in films.  Fex-Ex in Cast Away, Reese’s Pieces in E.T., White Castle has even been in the title and been a major plot line of the film Harold & Kumar go to White Castle, however, none of those films had a long running history or standard behind them.  Aspects that were considered constants for the character of James Bond, even when the actors playing the character changed (or he regenerated, whichever is your perspective).  The recent James Bond films have even gotten into the act with Sony and Nokia placements, and the first major act of sacrilege with the BMW in GoldenEye.  In fact, BMW paid $3 million to have their BMW Z3 Roadster driven by 007, after he had been attached to the Aston Martin for years.  That $3 million proved to be a solid investment though, because in 1995, the year GoldenEye came out, BMW made $240 million in advance sales of the Roadster.

With this weeks announcement though, one of the longest running constants, and possibly the most well known aspect of the character is being altered, just for product placement.  In the upcoming movie Skyfall, 007 won’t ask for his usual martini, “shaken, not stirred” but will instead ask for a Heineken.

Consider this, you go to a costume party, dress up in a tux, you could be anyone, until you order a martini, shaken, not stirred.  Now, you’re James Bond!  What happens when you order a Heineken wearing the same tux?  You’re still just a guy in a tux, drinking a beer.