You Should Watch These Movies.

I’ll admit that I own a lot of DVDs. When I say a lot, I’m going to say I’m in the neighborhood of 400-500. (Yeah, I wish I had some of that money back) To me, it’s an investment in entertainment. Some people like to buy books to keep. I also know a few people who have a music CD collection that shames my movie collection. We all have our vices and suffice to say, mine is movies.

I used to have a certain criteria when buying movies which is there had to be an amount of re-watchability. Nothing worse than having to invest 15 to 20 bucks in a movie that you barely ever watch. I’m thinking there are easy picks that people who love movies would own. More often than not, you could go into a household of movie buffs and find titles like Star Wars, Gladiator, Indiana Jones, and maybe even Back to the Future. (unless your name is Jarrod Withers)

I’d like to give you some other titles that I love. I’d say these are “somewhat” lesser rented/bought titles that always deliver quality watch time for me. None of the following list are necessarily geek titles, but just me forcing my opinion on you for movies that could cost you a buck to rent, or better yet, five bucks to buy!



Sideways is probably the most “adult” in this line up of movies. I would probably say that director Alexander Payne, makes great movies. I love his movies in general. (Election, About Schmidt, Citizen Ruth, Sideways and The Descendants) This movie is nothing more than a glorified bachelor party with two characters acted by Paul Giamatti and Thomas Hayden Church. The two make a trip o wine country and that’s where the life story begins. The story is rich with humor and trial. Maybe its a love story, but it’s done so well. It is by far one of my favorite movies, ever.




Pans Labyrinth is another home run in movie making. Yes, its subtitled and yes, that drives some people crazy. However, you won’t be disappointed by how great this movie is. It’s a fairy tale of epic proportions that is set in Post Civil War Spain in the 1940’s. If I go into too much detail of the movie, I’ll ruin it for you but much like the creative mind of Guillermo del Toro, the characters and story line are amazing and the fairy tale creatures are brilliant. Like the Lord of the Rings movies, the mythical creatures may be a bit intense for young kids, but I let my 7-year-old watch it, and he didn’t miss a beat.




Apocalypto is another subtitled movie in this mix. Let me say that just like Pans Labyrinth, you won’t care that the movie is subtitled. Mel Gibson may be a loose cannon, but he’s got a few movies that are outstanding. Nothing better than a story of a group of  Maya Native Indians and a power struggle for supremacy in a first world. I love the survival story, I love the cinematic shooting of this movie and I adore the story. It’s a good watch for all!




Stranger Than Fiction showcases the actual acting talent of Will Ferrell. It’s amazing how comedy actors have better talent to showcase when they have a “serious” role to do. Robin Williams is amazing in “One Hour Photo” and Adam Sandler is great in “Spanglish. Will Ferrell plays an IRS agent whose story he hears in his head is narrated by the author of a story who eventually, wants to kill the character. I’ll admit I think Maggie Gyllenhaal as a weird amount of hotness (I can’t explain it) but the fact that she has on screen chemistry with Will adds to the magic. You’ll love Harold Crick as much as I do.




Snatch, outside of having the name of a movie that most would wonder if it’s pornographic, is a movie of epic proportions. I will say this, Brad Pitt is amazing in this movie. Playing a gypsy named Mickey with a hard haymaker (drops people in their steps) there are also a TON of great characters that feature great actors like Jason Statham, Benicio del Toro, and Vinnie Jones. Much like the story board of Pulp Fiction, there are smaller stories happening that all converge at one point and when it does, its outstanding. I love this movie and probably watch it 4 or 5 times a year.