Pinball is a Lost Piece of Americana

[tps_header]A steel ball, multiple electronic bumpers and a well designed play field with ramps and traps anywhere and every where a game designer can think of.  There is something magical about the sights and sounds of  a pinball machine.

Kids of this age don’t understand the value and fun factor of playing a pinball machine. I think maybe the game is more about skill or maybe it’s just not flashy and technologically advanced like the modern video game.  Maybe it’s not bloody enough or action packed like many people want. But if you are over the age of 30, you’ll remember the hours spent playing your favorite pinball games.

My first recollection of playing pinball was probably when I was 8-10 years old. I used to spend time at our local bowling alley with my parents. While they were busy trying to bust strikes, I was busy trying to spend a quarter to try and hone my skill on the pinball machine. I was bit from first play. I wish I could remember what the theme of machine was, but I just can’t. But I’ve played many and I want to list five of my favorites for you. And I’d love to know what some of your favorites were (or are) to this very day. Sound off on the comment section below.[/tps_header]

There was a local arcade where I lived that had 3-5 pinball machines at any given time. I always embraced the play of a new machine and this one was no stranger to me. I loved the multiple ramps and when the “storm” came in, not only did you get the storm sounds and light, but there was a small fan on top of the game that blew on you and small rotating discs on the play field that would blow your ball in many random directions. Skill became luck in the storm and that made the game pretty exciting (and frustrating) for the player.