Geekdom Ahoy! [Infographic]

If you proudly consider yourself a geek, chances are good that you would love the chance to surround yourself with other geeks. The truth of the matter, however, is that with so many people who call themselves geeks out there, it can be hard to find your own tribe!

Are you an Apple geek? Apple geeks are all about Apple products, and they are the ones who love the Apple lifestyle. It takes more than just an iPhone to make you an Apple geek, however. Spot Apple geeks by heading to the Apple store. They’re the ones who are helping the other customers while not actually working there at all!

On the other hand, check out the chic geek, who is all about style. He or she can’t get enough of the Sartorialist, and you can bet that they’ve never even set foot in a place as pedestrian as the Old Navy. Instead, they put together their own outfits, and right or wrong, you cannot take your eyes off of them!

Source: BCO