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GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY – Is this Beta Ray Bill?


PostedAugust 5, 2014 by

There are a ton of easter eggs in Guardians of the Galaxy.  James Gunn even said at one point that the film would feature the most Marvel Universe characters of any Marvel Studio film to this point.  One of those characters that been debated on since the film came out, is if we see Beta Ray Bill in one of the glass cases in the Collector’s Museum.  The figure in question is highlighted below, along with highlighting another character we know is there, the one and only Howard the Duck. beta ray bill   So what do you think?  It’s clear he is wearing a red cape, but is slumped over with his back to us, so its hard to distinguish who or what this figure is.  But if not Beta Ray Bill, what other Marvel characters would fit this look? Along with the two above, we also have a few additional confirmed appearances within the Collector’s museum, most of which people have seen rather quickly.

We have a Dark Elf




Adam Warlock’s Cocoon


Slither Creature (from Jame’s Gunn’s movie Slither)


and a Chitauri

vlcsnap-2014-08-04-22h12m05s55 What other figures or items have you noticed within the Collector’s museum?

We’ve also confirmed a few items that were seen on his table as well.

There has been a Mickey Mouse sighting in the Collector’s museum as well

Plus, the Zodiac Key can been seen in the Broker’s collection.



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    Watched it twice now and it is impossible to know for sure. On screen it is clear for a second then the focus switches and the image is too blurry to tell. You can see the cape and it looks like a bald head and the coloring is about right. I hope it is because he is one of my favorite characters.


    You can see The Orb on the right. Also there is a reference to the Tesseract in The Brokers place. There is also Quasars logo in a hologram. And you will be excited to look in the bottom left of the Collectors layer to see Bug

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