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DOCTOR WHO’s Matt Smith Almost Agreed to 2 More Seasons

DOCTOR WHO’s Matt Smith Almost Agreed to 2 More Seasons

Even though we still have two major events lefts in the Matt Smith era before his regeneration, since news of his departure most everyone has been concentrating on the search for the next Time Lord and who it would be.  It turns out that we almost had the 11th Doctor for two more series!

In a pre-Comic-con interview with Entertainment Weekly, Steven Moffat talked about the search for the next Doctor, the Christmas special, Matt’s hair, and more, but also revealed that there were late discussion with Smith to having him come back through 2015!  Some of you that will probably hurt, knowing you could have had Matt Smith around a little longer.

Another interesting point that Moffat revealed, was that what has happen, has always been Plan A:

We discussed ages ago that we would do three series and then he would do the 50th and then he’d do Christmas. That was Plan A for a very, very long while. That may sound cold that it was so far in advance but you’ve got to plan a career. [Laughs] The question was, “Will I be able to talk him out of it?” We went out for lunch and he said that he’d come very close to doing another series but it was the same argument: “If I do another series, I think I might do two more series, or three more series. I think I might never leave.”

Just think, we could have had this Doctor around a little while longer.  Give him and Clara more time to interact, since she is his “impossible girl”.  So what are your feelings about this?  Disappointed that we were so close to having Matt Smith stick around longer, or excited that we’ll be getting a new Doctor for Christmas?

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  1. Lana

    September 6, 2013 at 10:27 am

    I think it would have been “fantastic” to have Matt Smith for two more series.He will be missed. Losing The Doctor is never easy. Let’s hope it does not break your heart like the 10th Doctor did.

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