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DOCTOR WHO: What is March 5, 2005?


PostedApril 7, 2013 by

Is the date March 5, 2005 significant to Doctor Who lore?  That’s the question that’s been raised now that we’ve seen the headstone for Clara’s mother.  The day of her death; March 5, 2005 is also


The day that The Doctor meets Rose for the first time!

The date can be verified if you watch episode 4 of Season 1; Aliens of London, when The Doctor and Rose return to Earth, they have been gone for a year, and Jackie has missing posters for Rose, stating that the last day seen was March 6, 2005, meaning the day that The Doctor and Rose first met, the day that the Autons attack, was the same day that Clara’s mother died.


No doubt there is a connection, we’ll all have to watch together to find out just what that connection is.

UPDATE: A little more information has been dug up regarding March 5 and when The Doctor first met Rose.  You can check it out here.


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    did the Autons kill her??? did they say how she died? well off to the dvr to get my answers….

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