DOCTOR WHO: New Doctor to be Announced in August or September

It’s fair to say that most of us were hoping that an announcement about who will be the new Doctor would happen sooner rather than later, but it looks like its going to be later as BBC is now saying that an announcement likely won’t be made until August or September as reported by The Radio Times.

BBC insiders have told that filming on the Christmas special – to be followed by the full series – will not take place until the autumn – probably August, or even September.

According to sources the identity of the Twelfth Doctor is almost certain to be announced just prior to filming, which means that it is very likely that the new incarnation of the Time Lord will not be unveiled until late summer.

Initially the BBC had hoped to begin filming the Christmas special earlier, with some sources suggesting July as a potential date.

“Suffice to say we are completely on track,” said a spokeswoman.

So it looks like we’ll have a couple more months of rumors, speculations, and discussion on who should/will be the 12th Doctor.