Could the 50th Anniversary Give Us the Lost Regeneration?

There has been tons of discussions and speculations on who and what we will and will not see for the upcoming 50th anniversary of Doctor Who.  Everything from the Master, to a new Doctor, to seeing the latest 3 incarnations on screen together, to all former companions, to I’ve even seen someone hope that David Tennant retakes the roll from Matt Smith.  Everyone has their own wish list on what they want to see, and while I agree with some, and disagree on others, there is one I haven’t really seen mentioned, that I think could be a possibility, albeit a small one.

Now, Stephen Moffat has come out in the past and made clear we would not be seeing a surprise regeneration or a new Doctor appearing for the 50th anniversary.

“The search [for the next Doctor] hasn’t started. Matt Smith will be the Doctor forever.”

The thing is, I’m not worried about a new regeneration, I’m talking about an old one.  What if we see, as part of the 50th anniversary, the one regeneration we’ve never seen? The lost regeneration as it were.

If you’re uncertain what I’m talking about, I’m referring to the regeneration from the Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann) to the Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston), which occurred sometime between the time of Doctor Who: The Movie (1996) and the new series that started in 2005.  While knowing all about all previous generations, and their reasons, the eight to the ninth remains clouded in uncertainty.  You can check out the YouTube video below, that shows all the regenerations, with a detailed list of when and why the regeneration occurred, and has basically what is a placeholder for the regeneration from eight to nine.

Seriously, what better time to fill in the pieces than the 50th anniversary?  Moffat has said that he doesn’t want the 50th to feel like a farewell tour, but more as the the springboard to setup the next 50 years.  It wouldn’t be a stretch to introduce a new adversary that is somehow related to the “lost regeneration” that we have yet seen or heard about, because of the time lock.  We assume that the regeneration occurs during the Time War, something most fans want to see too, so basically you could make the 50th into one giant Whovian wet dream, and honestly they way they keep the Eighth Doctor relevant, wouldn’t make it that hard to do.


mcgann-armageddonexpo-11The Eighth’s look started getting tweaked back in 2010 at the Armageddon Pop Culture Expo, where Paul McGann appeared on panel in his new costume, which consisted of a double-breasted black Naval jacket, and a new sonic screwdriver, which was built by Weta Workshop (the same Weta Workshop that was behind The Lord of the Rings).  It was said at the time that this new look would be used for future promotional purposes, as they felt the look from the 1996 movie was out of date, so obviously there has been desire to keep him visually relevant.


Fast forward to today, and who is it on the cover of the latest Doctor Who magazine, but the Eighth Doctor, in what looks to be a retweaked look, with the quote “I wanted to change the Doctor’s look somehow. There’s a sombreness and self-doubt and guilt…”  Keep in mind, this was chosen as the cover over having a cover featuring Rory (Arthur Darvill is also featured in the issue)


So what are the chances, that they’re trying to make the Eighth Doctor somewhat relevant again, so to help increase the interest in seeing him in the 50th anniversary, and giving us the one regeneration we’ve missed out on?  Now before I get slammed for this, I realize he does the audio stuff, and while not every fan has listened or aware of those, I’m speaking more visually than just generally relevant in continuity.   No question his look now can be seen as more of a bridge between his version of the Doctor and Christopher Eccleston.  The magazine even refers to him as “The Dark Doctor”, and the hope is to get Eccelston for the 50th anniversary, so it could all easily fit.  Only time will tell, and no doubt more speculation between now and then will occur.

So what do you think?  What would you like to see as part of the 50th anniversary?  Sound off in the normal places!!

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