Who is Roger Wardell? An Insider to Marvel’s Upcoming Films?

Good question, right?  Probably even going as far as asking why I’m asking such a question.  Well, the reason being, is that he is on Twitter, and has been randomly tweeting out, what he claims is “Inside News” regarding upcoming Marvel Films.

Here are a few of his tweets to give you an idea:





Now, I bring up that last tweet regarding Thor, because the suggestion of Doctor Strange being in the film seems like something out of left field, right?  Well think again!

Today, Screen Rantis reporting that not only will Doctor Strange appear in Thor: The Dark World, but may have a sizable role in the film.   In fact, SR goes as far as to say Marvel had been wanting Joel Edgerton for the role, but that he has too many commitments.

Funny enough, Screen Rant goes on to reference said Roger Wardellas possibly hinting the Viggo Mortensen was up for a role in a Phase 2 film, and he could in fact replace Edgerton as Strange.

While I’m not sure how well we can trust “Roger Wardell” what he tweets seems plausible, and even hints at being legitimate news bits regarding upcoming Phase 2 films.

I can definitly see Doctor Strange fitting in with the Thor film, as a springboard to introduce the character, as its been reported that Marvel has a script, and it was even theorized that it could have been one of the films announced for Phase 2, if Strange is introduced, you can assume it’s a sure bet that we’ll see him in a Phase 3 film, if things get that far.

What do you think of the news/rumors?  Seem legit or take them with a ton of salt?