Marvel Now Asks “Are They…?” and “Is She…?”

Marvel has released two more mysterious teasers to go along with their previous “Is He…?” teaser.  Now we have a teaser that asks “Are They…?” along with “See Something? Say Something.” on the image, again pointing to December 2013.  Marvel also included: “In the wake of Infinity, the Marvel Universe faces a new threat.”


Along with the above, we also have a teaser asking “Is She…?” also saying “Get the Facts….Knowledge is Power.”

I previously suggested that the original trailer could point to something related to The Punisher, but with these two teasers added to the equation, along with the December 2013 date, could all this be pointing to something related to the Inhumans and the upcoming Inhuman #1 being released in December?  The smoke or mist visible behind the text could be pointing to the Terrigen Mists, which is related to the Inhumans.