Justin Bieber Has a BATMAN VS SUPERMAN Script? WTF?!

When I first saw this on Twitter, I simply thought, “it’s Friday night, I’ve just drank too much” but then I realized, I haven’t drank a drop!  So then I thought “this must be some sick cruel trick” until I saw it was legitimately posted.  Below ladies and gentlemen, is the thing of nightmares that overshadows anything a Nick Cage as Miley Cyrus mash-up could cause.

What you see that is a picture that Justin Bieber posted on his Instagram account, showing off his copy of the Batman vs. Superman script with the simple caption of “#robin ??”  Where this came from and how it could have happened is anyone’s guess.  The one bright spot on this is that earlier in the day Bieber tweeted “Off to do something funny….or die.” so lets hope that’s related to this Instagram post, and he thought it would be funny to post in-between munchie runs.

1793665-slingshotOne other note, the script says that its based off of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Falls, which is part 4 of Miller’s The Dark Knight Rises TPB, which features a the female Robin, Carrie Kelly, which in reality, Bieber has a decent likeness to.

All and all, the likelihood of this being legit is probably less likely than me getting a role in ANY film, ever, and if he just posted this as a gag to get the internet worked up, just shows how big of a douche he is.

Honestly this is such crap, I’m not even going to ask what you think, because I can’t imagine anyone being a fan of this.  And I mean anyone.