DOCTOR STRANGE Movie Villains Revealed?


It’s expected that a Doctor Strange movie announcement will be made at this year’s San Diego Comic Con based off things that Kevin Feige has said and indicated, so this early leak could prove legit.  Latino-Review is reporting that there will be three villains in the film.  The site is claims the information is “100% confirmed” that Doctor Strange will face off against Dormammu, with his “henchmen” Karl Mordo, and the Mindless Ones.

The news makes sense as Dormammu is Doctor Strange’s top rogue and most well-known/recognizable enemy, Karl Mordo is a rival sorcerer who met Strange while they both trained under The Ancient One, and has also been used by Dormammu as a pawn to enter Earth.  The Mindless Ones are also “mindless” soldiers, who are summoned magically and will serve Dormammu.  So while three villains sound like a lot for a film, especially what will likely be an origin film, they all really do fit together, so it might not come across that forced.

What do you think of this news?  Are you looking forward to the film at all?