DC announces upcoming creators for ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN

Adventures of Superman has been a real treat.  If you are not a fan of Superman in the New 52, which I am not, then AOS is the book for you.  He is still the big blue boy scout, still wears his red underwear and still loves Lois.

New Schedule and Creator Line-up for ‘Adventures of Superman’ Announced

“Exposed” cover by Gabriel Rodriguez

We are excited to announce a new slate of creators and artists for our popular digital-first title ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN. Each story celebrates the Man of Steel in a unique and interesting way based on the take of each creator. Check out the schedule below:

 January 6 – “EXPOSED” 1/3 – B. Clay Moore & Gabriel Rodriguez

January 13 – “EXPOSED” 2/3 – B. Clay Moore & Gabriel Rodriguez

January 20 – “EXPOSED” 3/3 – B. Clay Moore & Gabriel Rodriguez

January 27 – “THE SOUND OF ONE HAND CLAPPING” 1/2 – Max Landis & Jock

February 3 – “THE SOUND OF ONE HAND CLAPPING” 2/2 – Max Landis & Jock

February 10 – “THE COMING OF…SUGAR & SPIKE–?!” 1/1 – Fabian Nicieza & Phil Hester

February 17 – “ONLY CHILD” 1/3 – Ron Marz & Evan “Doc” Shaner

February 24 – “ONLY CHILD” 2/3 – Ron Marz & Evan “Doc” Shaner

March 3 – “ONLY CHILD” 3/3 – Ron Marz & Evan “Doc” Shaner

 ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN digital-first comic series will be released every Monday. Get the latest AOS comics here or catch up on the previous releases all for $.99 each.