Batman v Superman

Jenny Olson?

Jenny Olson?

Word has been slowly leaking out of the Man of Steel world. It’s little things, really, that go against established history of the character. These are things that don’t really matter. Perry White is black in the movie? Who cares? It’s Laurence Fishburne, for crying out loud! He did Othello. He’s got chops and how, really, does Perry White’s skin color figure in to the Superman mythos? Answer: it doesn’t.

Now, though, we have a new one: Jimmy Olsen might very well be a lady now. Rebecca Buller is credited on IMDB as “Jenny Olsen.” It’s a conspicuous change. And, I’ll be honest, a little like Superman #349, which I weirdly bought recently:


In the issue, Mr. Myxlplyx sends Superman to a crazy world where Wonder Woman is Wonder Warrior and Superman is Superwoman. It’s a gender-bending catastrophe! At any rate, Jimmy was , of course, Jenny in this switcheroo. This is just a little funny side note.



So how do I feel about this potential change? It doesn’t matter, really, but I like “Superman’s Pal” to be a boy who looks up to Superman in such a way, it leads him to drink Gingold to be stretchy or any of the other nonsense he tried. It seems a capricious and arbitrary change.  When you may Jimmy a girl, the admiration will always be read on screen as sexual attraction instead of admiration.

Anyway, here’s Ms. Buller running with Perry White:


And, in case you are like Geekasms and have watched the Man of Steel trailer 200 times, here’s your chance to watch it for the 2-1st time:

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Batman v Superman

I was the center square for Hollywood Squares from 1998-99 after Whoopi Goldberg nearly choked to death on her own hair and had to be released from her contract. Though rating and overall support for the show dwindled, my performance was given adequately mediocre reviews.

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