About Us

geekasm {geek-az-uhmz} n : Any excited feeling one experiences after seeing something particularly cool within the realm of geekdom.

Geekasms, which was originally more of a personal site, was launched in January 2010, and was hosted on a free WordPress.com account.  Back then, the site was called “Geekasms of the Brain” as it was more random thoughts, mutterings and things just randomly going on in my life.  The site quickly changed and has evolved towards what you see now; an informational and entertainment site with: news, reviews, and sharing insight on all things that could be viewed by the outside world as “geeky”.

Geekasms mission now, is it provide news, reviews, and entertainment covering: tech, comic books, film, television, games, and anything else that grabs our attention, and give that to you in as many and engaging mediums as you’re willing to accept.

Our only hope is that the things that make us happy, make you happy.

If you would like to contact Geekasms with comments, suggestions, or anything else that crosses your mind, feel free to send us an email and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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Disclosure:  Please note that to help support the page and podcast, we have ads and affiliate links throughout the site, including Amazon and Audible.  So if you want to support Geekasms, feel free to click on the links you see, we’ll do our very best to always keep them to a minimum.